Ambury Regional Park

Ambury farm park lies among the southern suburbs fronting the Manukau Harbour. Take in the various farm animals as you wander around the open pasture. Ambury is a significant habitat for shorebirds and the coast has excellent examples of basalt lava flows.
Nearby Mangere Mountain was once the site of a large fortified Maori pa and the area now known as Ambury Regional Park was used by Maori for gardening. Mangere Mountain erupted approximately 18,000 years ago and the park sits atop a lava field made fertile by ash from the volcano. The area also provided easy access to seafood (kaimoana) and canoe launching sites for the various iwi (including Wai-o-Hua and Ngati Whatua) who lived in and around the pa
The park and the Otuataua Stonefields to the south are the only places in Auckland where Maori stone structures remain on public land. Stone mounds at Ambury mark pre-European gardening sites.
The dry stone walls bordering the park entrance date from the mid 1800s when farmers from Cornwall and Scotland built them.
You can also see the remains of a windmill and wells that were part of the Ambury Milk Company.

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