Allen House Grounds

Allen House Grounds was refurbished in 2009. Previously a barely used piece of open space linking three roads and a public car park in a central town centre location next to Guildford Grammer school, it is now a unique open space that reflects Guildford’s history with a modern design.

What became known as Allen House was probably built in 1660 or soon after. An engraved map published in 1738 and 1739 show Anthony Allen’s mansion house. Behind the house a formal garden has a broad avenue with a statue, a spiral maze, walled garden, fountain and summershouse. Allen House Grounds with its 18th Century walls is all that is left of what was once a grand mansion house and gardens.

Allen House Grounds consists of three distinct areas: a multi sports court, a sunny open space for putting and picnicking and a themed garden aimed at families. At the top of the grounds there is a few minutes walk to the top of Guildford High Street.

The park attracts picnickers and office staff looking for peace and greenery during their breaks. The facilities are a draw for young people who make full use of the free football, basketball, netball and tennis facilites. The pavilion is run by a local charity called the Matrix Trust who hold training sessions and events from the gardens and building. Almost all of the planting was completed during 2009 along with the refurbishment of the tennis courts and the pavilion.

Park Facilities

Multi Use Games Area
Picnic Area
Public Sculpture
Walled Garden
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Guildford Borough Council
Sally Astles
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