Ultuna Campus

Alternative biodiverse types of lawns (grass-free/tapestry lawn, Swedish Meadow/Löväng and Meadow-turf with turf picnic bench) were established in spring 2016 in SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) Campus in Ultuna, Uppsala. The total area of sites is 0,11 ha (of 70 ha of Ultuna Campus). Our vision of alternative lawns is to create biodiverse, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective plant communities based on the diverse native Swedish flora. This experiment was funded by the SLU Climate Fund ”Towards sustainable lawns: searching for alternative cost effective and climate friendly lawns in Ultuna Campus”. Even though Sweden still has a significant number of native ecosystems, the amount of grasslands (natural and semi-natural) has dramatically declined. Now, conventional lawns are the dominant part of open space design in Ultuna Campus and cover up to 80% of all open spaces. Our approximate estimation is that the use of climate friendly lawns can notably reduce CO2 emission and economical costs. Local firms Pratensis, VegTech and Hasselfors supplied plant material and soil. SLU landscape architecture students helped in establishing and maintenance of experimental sites. Central position of experimental sites within Ultuna Campus provides a good visibility and educational opportunity for students, researchers, staff and visitors. Information signs are introducing the experiment of reinforcing urban biodiversity and opportunity for a new generation of alternative lawns. This project had very positive response from local (Uppsala), national (Sundbyberg, Örebro and Norrtälje Municipalities) and international communities (www.thenatureofcities.com) as well as drawing attention of the media (Swedish radio, TV and newspapers). We believe that our new types of alternative lawns, based on native plants and models of plant arrangements which mimic native plant communities, can be one of the types of “designed real nature” in urban environments.

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