Gorbals Rose Garden Orchard

Our orchard is nature-led and partially wild, with mown paths through fruit trees and hedgerow-like fruit bushes. It holds a vast collection of apple tree varieties, damsons and edible berries, all chosen for the West Coast of Scotland.

Since planting in 2004 the orchard has become a thriving habitat for song birds, migrating birds, bats, bees and other beneficial insects. A rich biodiversity has been established over the 16 years, in a place that was once just cut grass. This buzzing ecological activity has created a much enjoyed sanctuary of nature with free fruit for anyone to pick and take home throughout the year.

Supported by the local community and Glasgow City Council the orchard is looked after by volunteers. The orchard group also does many educational activities and participate regularly in local fairs with jam sales, apple pressing and nature trails. They pay special attention to encouraging local schools to get involved with an ‘adopt-a tree’ scheme and harvesting events.
The orchard and the group received an RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Outstanding Award and a ‘Certificate of Distinction’ in 2014. Since 2016 The Orchard Project has been a huge support for the group, holding professional pruning workshops and instigating Wassails to celebrate the orchard with the local community.

We believe this now mature orchard plays a vital role in the health of our urban environment. Above all, it allows local children and adults to be hands on with growing, harvesting and eating fruit straight from the natural setting.

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