Kupittaa Park

Kupittaa park is a large and diverse urban recreational park. It is well-known among local inhabitants and tourists. Total area covers approximately 32 hectares. The park is part of Turku National urban Park. The park is situated close to the city center between Uudenmaantie and Kupittaa railway station, only one kilometer from Turku cathedral.
Kupittaa park is the oldest urban park in Finland. The history relates to Middle ages and many original activities still continue here. It is well visited by people just like students from Turun Akatemia used to do during spring times to celebrate Flora day during the 17th century. Many different happenings still take place and families and friends gather together to spend free time and sunshine. The modern classical part of the park was constructed around 200 years ago. That was a start to a promenade park intended for the visitors of an old spa. The current birch allé is an indication of a historical pathway, originally the first in the park. Today the swimming pool and many pathways represent the old spa in modern era. The old bird pond was erected in 1905. It was also supposed to help drain the otherwise quite challenging soil in this area. Today these ponds are still active and popular among people. There also used to be a gardening school, also the oldest in Finland. Traces of it can still be found in vegetation. Different sports have belonged to Kupittaa park through time.
The biggest playground in Turku, Seikkailupuisto, can be found in Kupittaa park. This area contains many kinds of activities throughout the year including creative hobbies. Especially during summertime this playground is full of children and families. Artistic playground Papu, Kupittaanlähde playground, traffic park and bird ponds are popular places to visit. Several restaurants, cafes and ice-cream bars attract people to spend the whole day in the park.

The park contains more than 100 different tree species, many shrubberies and large perennial beds. Wide grass areas are used for picnic, gymnastics, sports, playing and just for enjoying sunshine and leisure.

Park Facilities

Children's Play Area
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Football Pitch
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Historic Building
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Public Sculpture
Skate Park
Swimming Pool
Football Pitch
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