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How to register and browse the portal

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Welcome to the Parks & Green Spaces Research Portal where you will find summaries of research as well as events and opportunities that may be of interest to your work.

How can I browse the Portal?

You can browse content in different ways. Uploaded Portal content is generally referred to as an ‘Item’ and Items come in three forms: Research, Events and Opportunities.


  • Use the Research search tool to find summaries of completed and ongoing research, ranging from Masters student projects to large-scale multi-university projects. It’s useful here to use the drop-down Topic filter to find your specific areas of interest.

  • Search Events to find online and in-person research-related events happening near you (or online). These will include public talks by researchers or parks professionals from all over the world and are well worth checking out.

  • Use Opportunities to connect with researchers and/or parks professionals. Use the Collaboration type filter to see who is Looking For research participants, speakers, case study sites, project partners, help with CPD and/or research advice. You can also use the Collaboration type filter to see who is Offering funded PhDs, research funding and/ or jobs.

 On each of these item types you can also do a general free text search; search by date, topics, countries, organisations, and level of research (e.g. Masters, PhD, professional and academic).


Under Projects you will find Items grouped together that relate to a Project – so a Project may have a number of Research, Event or Opportunity items associated with it and may span a wider period of time or research than the individual items themselves.


Our Directory can be used to search for a specific researcher or parks professional. This Directory will grow over time as more and more people use it. It is intended to help facilitate contacts and connections between and across researchers and parks professionals.

How to Register and submit items on the Portal

Get Involved!

If you have Projects, Research, Events or Opportunities that you want to share on the Portal, you should bet involved by registering for FREE.

Why would I want to register?

Registering means you can upload your own content, such a research summary, event or opportunity that you may want to share with other users. It also means that you can add your contact details or organisation to the Directory.

Do I have to pay to upload content if I register?

No, there are no costs involved. There is no paywall: the Portal is free to use.

What are the terms and conditions for browsing?

Please read our User terms and conditions here: https://www.greenflagaward.org/research/user-terms-conditions/

What are the terms and conditions for uploading content?

When you upload content you are termed a "Collaborator". Please read our Collaborator terms and conditions here: https://www.greenflagaward.org/research/collaborator-terms-conditions/

What do I need to provide for different types of content?

You can view our Guidance on Submissions here: https://www.greenflagaward.org/research/guidance-on-submissions/

How do I register?

Go to the yellow LOGIN/REGISTER button via the Home screen of the Portal. There is a link at the bottom of the login pop-up that says New to the Portal? Register here

Alternatively you can follow the direct link below: https://www.greenflagaward.org/research/register/


If you have any issues or need any help with the Portal, you can get in touch with us via the website here:  https://www.greenflagaward.org/contacts/