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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only attach one document?

In the interests of fairness we have asked applicants to submit one document only which is the management plan.  This should contain all information relevant to your application.  Any supplementary documents that are referred to in the management plan should be provided on request to the judges.  You should also ensure that these additional documents are available on the day of judging.

In my response to Judges comments which assessment should I respond to?

You should respond to the last FULL assessment however in your response you can also include any response to a mystery shop visit that has taken place.

There's so much to say about my park/green space - can I write more than 250 words in the description box?

We would ask all applicants to stick to this word count in order to make the application process fair to all applicants.  This information will also be included on the park's web page (should you win) so the copy needs to be short and concise to make it relevant to the public.  However, if you really can't reduce your copy to fit the word count then send it in anyway but please do try to keep it as close to 250 words as possible. Please note that should your word count exceed 250 words then we reserve the right to amend the copy accordingly.

I don't understand the question - who should I contact?

For guidance while completing the application form please contact 01942 612621 or email [email protected]

How does the google map work?

The map is really simple and easy to use.  If you have applied for an award before then the location of your park or green space should be displayed so all you need to do is check that the pin is in the correct location.  If is not in the right place you can drag it to the correct location.

I have saved my application form as I need to check some information before I submit it - how long will it be saved for?

It will be saved until the end of the application process or it will be saved until you click on the submit button, after that date we will delete any applications that haven't been submitted.

I have lots of pictures of my park/green space - is there anything in particular that I should look to include?

It is good to include a selection of photos, ideally illustrating how your park meets some of the eight criteria and pictures that show the main features.

I have submitted my application but now need to change some of the information I have written.

Once your application has been submitted you will be unable to amend it online.  However, if you need to make any URGENT changes to your application then please contact us at [email protected]