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Green Flag Award Judging

Every new site is assessed by experienced judges, who make an appointment to inspect the site and meet staff and volunteers. In subsequent years, judging alternates between a full assessment as described below and an unannounced "Mystery Shop" assessment

The full assessment has two parts and judges score each section of the Green Flag Award Score Sheet 


Stage One:  Desk Assessment

Judges assess the site-specific management plan and associated documentation, and any response to the judges’ feedback from the previous year (if this isn’t a first application). 

This section is worth 30 out of 100 points.  The average score is calculated and multiplied by 3 to give a score out of 30.  At least 15 points are required to achieve the accreditation.


Stage Two:  Site Assessment

Judges assess whether the management plan is in practice on the site, and how well the Green Flag Award criteria have been met. This is determined by observation and by questioning staff, volunteers and visitors.  

This section is worth 70 out of 100 points.  The average score is multiplied by 7 to give a score out of 70.  At least 42 points are required to achieve the accreditation. 

A total pass mark of 66 is needed to gain the accreditation. Therefore an additional 9 points must be gained across the two assessments to achieve the award. Every application will receive a full desk assessment, a site visit and a full feedback report, irrespective of the outcome.  Applicants will not see their individual scoresheet; the scoring is applied as a band.