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Guidance documents

Guidance Manual

This manual explains the process and the requirements of the Award.  It goes through each of the eight criteria in detail, explaining what is being examined in each, the kind of evidence to submit, and what judges will be looking for in the desk assessment and on site. 

This manual should be read in conjunction with country specific guidance which, if provided, can be found in the Our Network section by selecting your country

A Guide to Park and Green Space Management Plans

This document provides guidance on producing a management plan for your parks or green space. Your plan can be in any format, what is important is that it is a working document and is actively used to manage and drive improvement.

Celebrating Amazing Spaces

This publication, produced to celebrate 2O years of the award in 2016, contains a series of case studies from some of our amazing winners and demonstrates how the criteria can be applied across a wide range of public green spaces

Pesticide Reduction Good Practice Guide

This document provides details of current legislation, and good practice in the reduction and elimination of pesticide use.

Introduction to the Green Flag Award Webinar Slides 2021