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Flying the flag for quality around the world

01 August 2017

Whether you are home or away this summer, seeing Blue or Green Flags flying helps you find the best places. 

After another record-breaking year, flags are now flying over 1,795 of the UK's very best parks and green spaces. Visitors - whether local or tourists - will know the flag represents high standards of management, safety and always a warm welcome. 

Similarly Blue Flags are flying over 68 English beaches this year - celebrating the country's cleanest, safest and best managed bathing beaches. 

But did you know these flags fly around the world too. The Blue Flag is celebrating its 30th anniversary as an international quality award, and Blue Flags fly across 46 countries from Brazil to Iceland. 

The Green Flag Award has flown over UK parks for 21 years now. Flags raised for the first time this year over parks in Spain and Sweden. These countries join others, as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

So whether you are home or abroad this summer, look out for the flags flying.