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How much is your park worth to you and your health?

08 May 2018

Our parks and green spaces are priceless. But new research, from green space charity Fields in Trust, shows they generate a staggering over £34 billion of heath and well being benefits across the UK. 

Their new research - revaluing parks and green spaces - demonstrates green spaces provide NHS savings of at least £111 million per year through prevented GP visits (or enough to pay for more than 3,500 nurses). 

And the value of parks and green spaces to each individual means people would need to spend £974 each year to achieve the same level of life satisfaction they get from parks if they were not there (or the equivalent of nine days pay at the average UK wage). 

With this new evidence adding to the wealth of proof that access to green spaces is vital to people, our health and our well being, the Green Flag Award's fight to protect green spaces now and for future generations is more important than ever.