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Keep Britain Tidy to act as secretariat for new UK Parliamentary Parks Group

12 February 2021

The environmental charity is to perform the key secretariat role for a critical new UK All Party Parliamentary Group

One of the areas the group is set to consider is "How do we solve inequality of access to green spaces?", acknowledging an ongoing challenge faced by many local authorities and municipalities around the world, and one which has been especially brought into focus during the series of lock-downs that the countries faced through 2020.

Richard McIlwain, Deputy Chief Executive for Keep Britain Tidy said:

"Across the country, there exists profound disparities in our proximity and ability to access nature. Research shows that Black and Minority Ethnics, those with a disability, women, regionally deprived, and poorer socioeconomic groups are disadvantaged in accessing green spaces. Moreover, the pandemic has demonstrated just how important adequate access is to the public’s physical and mental health."

On the agenda for the first session are talks from Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England and Hamira Sultan - Consultant in Public Health at Birmingham City Council.

PHE Report visual 2020

The recent report from Pubic Health England titled: Improving access to greenspace - A new review for 2020was widely welcomed by the parks and greenspace sector upon release, providing vital evidence of the inequality many parks professionals have been highlighting for over a decade.

Keep Britain Tidy are a respected figure in the parks sector, as they oversee the management of the international Green Flag Award on behalf of the Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government. They work with UK National Operators from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as a number of international operators from around the world.


The Green Flag award now operates in 15 countries around the world including: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico and the USA - celebrating over 2,000 Award winning parks and green spaces annually.

The Award is managed in the UK and internationally by Keep Britain Tidy and delivered in partnership with a network of national operators in other countries.

To find out more, or apply for an Award, whichever country you are based in; please feel free to explore our website and get in touch.

If you know of a park or a country not yet involved in the Green Flag Award that might be interested, please Contact Us