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New cattle mooo-ve into Green Flag Award country park

01 June 2017

As part of their ongoing conservation work, a new herd of cattle have mooo-ved into Colchester's High Woods Country Park

This native breed has been introduced into one of Colchester's largest parks, which has held the Green Flag Award since 2004. These large lawn-mowers will help to control the growth of grass, which in turn will benefit flowers and insects, as well as the birds and mammals that depend on them. With a combination of marshy areas, hayfields and scrubland, High Woods provides the perfect habitat for a huge range of wildlife.

Councillor Simon Walsh, Essex County Council's Cabinet Member for the Environment said, "We are delighted to be adding High Woods to our growing list of conservation grazing sites. We hope visitors will enjoy the sight of the cattle and we have already had a fantastic response from residents who would like to volunteer as Cattle Lookers."