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Turkey - World Parks Week feature park: Incilipinar Park, Denizli

08 May 2019

World Urban Parks - World Parks Week interview
We're running a series of articles throughout the World Urban Parks World Parks week (April 27 to May 4 - 2019) to celebrate a Green Flag Award park from many of the countries that we operate in.

Green Flag Award park name

İncilipınar Park, Denizli


Mrs. Elif DİLMEN SORKUN - Denizli Metropolitan Municipality

How many years have you held the Green Flag Award?

1 year!

Let’s start by getting to know your park or green space with a brief introduction

or many years, abandoned and polluted area İncilipınar Park was invigorated in 2006. Within 174 decare area, İncilipınar Park is one of the largest park in Aegean Region, has a main pond, 3 small ponds, pergolas, walking and jogging routes, fitness equipments, multi use games area, picnic area, cafes, dog free area, tennis court, children's play areas, public sculptures, toilets, flower areas, nature walks, water showing, public transport links. İncilipınar Park is available every hour of the day and is can be reached from each location in the city center. İncilipınar Park has an extensive plant variety and green areas in its surrounding. The location of the park from the nearest shopping center is 1.4 km, from the city center 1.8 km and 0.5 km from the university and its hospital.

The people who use our spaces are what brings them to life. Tell us a little bit about your regular visitors and any particular groups or organisations you work with.

İncilipınar Park hosts concerts, special day events, fairs and school visits since it is put into service. The big pond provides advantages for many events. Activity schedule exists and it is announced via local and municipality broadcast channels. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for the management of the İncilipınar Park which draws more than a million visitors per year. All communication channels are used for promotion of İncilipınar Park. Many organizations, NGOs and schools have a day to promote their activities. For all activities, needed opportunities are provided by Municipal Management.

Parks and green spaces are constantly evolving. Tell us about any developments or changes that you are working on over the coming year?

The construction of the Congress and Culture Center which was completed in the year 2019 has been designed to be integrated together with İncilipınar Park. Related to congress culture center, events will be intense depending on the demand of the citizens.

We’re asking everyone to share their passion for the parks and green spaces during World Parks Week. What key message would you like to give about the importance of parks and green spaces?

Excepting of culture, art and sports centers, areas enrich leisure activities also reflect the identity of the city. Parks can also contain sporting events. "Play, sport and general recreation areas are considered very important for public health.'' As a result, in contemporary urban planning sports and recreation areas are important in terms of creating healthy environments.

And finally, what does having a Green Flag Award mean to you as a professional and also to the community that use your park or green space?

Incilipinar Park was awarded in 2018 and this success was shared with local and national press. Green Flag Award flies at the entrance to the park. It makes us proud that Incilipinar Park is the first park to achieve the international standard in Turkey. Incilipinar Park is one of the important parks of natural areas and it is crucial in Aegean region and Turkey. 

Further information:

You can view Incilipinar Park's Green Flag Award profile page here and click through to the official parks page to find out more.