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United Arab Emirates break previous award record with 54 winners

Parks professionals across the United Arab Emirates have reached a new milestone today with the national confirmation of a record breaking 54 Green Flag Award winners.

The achievement shifts the UAE into the third most successful country in the world - with the most Green Flag Awards after the UK and Ireland.

Award winners were judged in two phases between October 2023 and January 2024 as far west to Al Sila (Al Dhafra) and east to Al Ain. Winners were confirmed today from seven different organisations as per the table below:

  Organisation   Winners
  Abu Dhabi City Municipality   26
  ADNOC Group   1
  Ajman Municipality   2
  Al Ain City Municipality   13
  Al Dhafra Region Municipality    7
  Dubai Municipality   3
  Hamriyah Municipality   2
  TOTAL   54

To view a full list of winners click here

Or to view an interactive map of winners click here

Abu Dhabi Municipality won 26 awards
Image 1:
 Abu Dhabi Municpality won 26 awards

Carl McClean - International Development for the Green Flag Award said:

"This is an historic achievement for the parks sector in the United Arab Emirates. It's brilliant to see the strong leadership and political attention given to parks and green spaces. Well done to everyone involved in managing and maintaining so many award winning parks."

Ajman Municipality picked up awards for the first time for Ghabat Al Regayeb Park and Flag Park, as did Hamriyah Municpality for Hamriyah Beach Park and Hamriyah Ladies Park.

Al Dhafra Region Municipality, Ai Ain City Municipality and Abu Dhabi Municpality all increased their winners on the previous years.

Image 2: Pheremone traps reduce the need for pesticides in Ghabat Al Regayeb Park 

Founded in 1996 in the United Kingdom, the aim of the Green Flag Award is to ensure that everyone has access to a quality green space to enable healthy lifestyles and stronger communities. Since 2015 The United Arab Emirates has joined 16 other countries in applying the Green Flag Award standards for their parks, including Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Europe and Scandinavia.

To see a full list of Green Flag Award winning parks, visit:

Image 3: Ruwais Central Park is a huge development forming the focus of Ruwais City

The award is set to grow in the Middle East Region in 2024, with applications already received from Saudi Arabia, and interest being developed from Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

The Green Flag Award is already the most widely established parks accreditation system in the world. Managed centrally from the UK by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. Their strategy is to work with partner organisations in each country, train judges and establish a strong parks network with recognised standards across the globe.

Ajman Municpality celebrated two wins with local school children
Image 4: Hamriyah Municpality celebrated winning with local school children

Hamriyah Municpality said:

"Obtaining the Green Flag Award embodies many values and benefits reflected in our institutional reputation. By establishing good management, effective communication, environmental sustainability, and the importance of preserving nature and heritage in public parks, we are very pleased to meet this international standard for the first time."

"In the Year of Sustainability 2023, we are committed to applying the best international standards in the field of park management and in a way that contributes to achieving the Hamriyah Municipality’s strategy in providing public facilities that support quality for our community"

Image 5: Hili Archaeogical Park, Al Dhafra


Global winners

For an interactive global map of current winners, including United Arab Emirates visit:

Further information

The Green Flag Award® is a non-profit international accreditation programme that recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces. Today the Green Flag Award proudly flies above more than 2,400 places in 17 countries around the world.

The programme is managed internationally by environmental Charity Keep Britain Tidy, alongside a network of National Operators in several countries. See the website Network page for more information.

To find out more in general, or apply for an Award, whichever country you are based in; explore the Green Flag Award website:,  or alternatively click here for a contact form