Sherwood Heath, Cockglode and Rotary Woods

Sherwood Heath, Cockglode and Rotary Wood is a partnership project between Newark and Sherwood District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, the Sherwood Forest Trust, the Forestry Commission and the Friends of Sherwood Heath, Cocklode and Rotary Wood. In terms of its overall management the site can be divided into two – Sherwood Heath, which is managed by the Sherwood Forest Trust on behalf of Newark & Sherwood District Council, and Cockglode and Rotary Wood, which are managed by Nottinghamshire County Council.
Sherwood Heath is characteristic of Sherwood Forest and would have once been part of the medieval Royal hunting forest. The heath is open to the public and is well used by local residents and dog walkers. The site comprises a mosaic of lowland heathland, dry acidic grassland, oak birch woodland and plantations.
Cockglode Wood has ancient origins, being a remnant of the woodland that covered the area long before it became the Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood. The bluebells and dog’s mercury that appear in the wood every spring are clues to these ancient beginnings. Among the ancient woodland are exotic trees and shrubs, for example, false acacia and rhododendron. These are the legacy of the gardens of Cockglode Hall that now lies buried under the spoil tip on which Rotary Wood stands.
Rotary Wood is the exact opposite of Cockglode Wood, being very young. The trees were planted on the restored spoil tip of Thoresby Colliery in 1998 – 2000 to celebrate the Millennium. The planting was undertaken by a group of local Rotary Clubs, giving us the name, Rotary Wood.
The Friends of Sherwood Heath, Cockglode and Rotary Wood play an active role in helping to manage all 3 sites and the area is both an important ecological resource and a valuable recreational resource for local people.

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