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Kellonummen hautausmaa

Kellonummi cemetery, designed by landscape architect Auli Hietakangas-Koch, is the largest graveyard in Espoo, with a total area of about 20 hectares. The cemetery, located in northern Espoo, has an appearance reminiscent of an English landscape park. The area has two main parts: a forest cemetery and a meadow cemetery. The landscape varies between sheltered woorlands and open views to meadows and ponds.

Kellonummi cemetery is located in the city of Espoo, in the region of Uusimaa. The cemetery is about 26 kilometres from Helsinki airport via the E18 road. Its distance from the Finnish capital, Helsinki, is also about 26 kilometres.

Kellonummi cemetery is operated and maintained by the funeral services of the Espoo Parish Association. Our staff maintains the graveyard throuhout the year, and we also offer summer jobs for dozens of young people and seasonal work for various professionals. In addition, we cooperate with organizations that train young people for their careers and with organizations that work to prevent social exclusion. By employing various kinds of people at Kellonummi cemetery, we can give solid support to a wide range of communities in Espoo.

We pay attention to environmental issues at Kellonummi cemetery, both in maintenance activities and in the planning and development of the cemetery. The cemetery provides a rich habitat for many species of birds, insects and animals. A large number of trees and various other plants also grow in Kellonummi. Every summer, we plant thousands of flowers on the graves.
Kellonummi cemetery is available for coffin burials, urn burials and for the scattering of ashes. The cemetery has been in use since 1987. During these 35 years, around 6000 people have been laid to rest in the area. In addition to Christians, the cemetery is also available for people of other religions, as well as for non-religious people.

Kellonummi cemetery was awarded the International Green Flag Award on August 25, 2022. We were happy to receive the award for Kellonummi cemetery with our very first application. The judges were moved by the area's peaceful atmosphere and closeness to nature. They were also impressed by how we are taking environmental effects into account in both maintenance work and future planning. For example, we have turned lawns into meadows. We also direct rainwater from the pond in the forest to the pond in the middle of the graveyard.

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