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Waterfront Park

A new waterfront project has been launched in the coastline
of Yanbu Industrial City from 2001 The total area of this
project is 11 km of garden and beaches The project consists of
four phases The first phase is made of a campground
equipped with the needed facilities The second phase is made
up of gardens, marina, and several islands The third phase has
a recreation area, hotel, and other facilities for investors The
fourth phase has an island and relaxation bay viewing site
the 11 km stretch of waterfront, there are many
beautiful icons and models suited to the marine environment,
as well as parks and beach sports fields There are also
corridors with beautiful sidewalks for strollers and sports
enthusiasts, making it an ideal place for entertainment, while
living up to the expectations of all kinds of picnickers
the highlights of the waterfront is an open theater
with columns in the pattern of the Roman civilization theater
made of raw sea stone extracted from the Red Sea
are also green spaces and recreational kids playgrounds
and outdoor fitness equipment for youth and adult that was
designed with the highest safety and quality standards
beach for the youth is one of the most prominent
waterfront facilities and it is a favorite meeting place for
youngsters as it is ideal for them to engage in various youth
activities Swimming has a special flavor on this open beach,
which is known for its cleanliness, serenity, and smoothness
Along the beach, there are private playgrounds reserved for
various sports and games such as football, volleyball, tennis,
skateboarding and basketball

Park Facilities

Boating Lake
Children's Play Area
Cycle routes
Fitness Equipment
Football Pitch
Free Parking
Nature Reserve
Nature Walks
Picnic Area
Public Sculpture
Public Transport Links
Tennis Court
Walking Routes
Football Pitch
Green Flag
Award Winner
Managing Organisation
Royal Commission for Yanbu Project
Abdullah Mussad Al-Otaibi