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Example Movement Strategy

The Royal Parks has embarked on an exciting and ambitious journey to develop a Movement Strategy which sets a coherent framework to help shape and inform the policies relating to how park visitors can access, experience and move within the parks.

As we look to the challenges ahead, we continue to be proactive to ensure our parks are here for future generations. Part of this process has been the development of an organisational Movement Strategy that will support the future health of our parks while also linking to the overall health and happiness of the city.

We have formally adopted the Royal Parks’ Movement Strategy and have announced five trial projects that are to be launched across the estate, all of which aim to reduce the amount of cut-through traffic in the parks.

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About the Royal Parks

Millions of Londoners and tourists visit the eight Royal Parks for free each year. The 5,000 acres of historic parkland provide unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment, exploration and healthy living in the heart of the capital. A simple walk or a picnic in the park, sport, top quality entertainment, community and education projects - all waiting for you.

The Royal Parks manages these spaces and almost everything in them. We conserve the parks to ensure future generations can enjoy them too.

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