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Example Open Spaces and Biodiversity Strategy

Westminster boasts a wealth of green assets – from parks and gardens to green infrastructure including living walls and roofs – and the council is proud to be custodian of some of the most recognisable open spaces in London, and the country. The city also supports a rich and diverse range of wildlife, with scores of different insect, bird, animal and aquatic species represented.

In March 2019 they published their open spaces and biodiversity strategy – A Partnership Approach to Open Spaces and Biodiversity in Westminster - which sets out why the council believe these assets are so valuable, recognising the myriad benefits they bring to Westminster as a place and as a community, and setting out how with their partners, will seek to protect, promote, enhance and make the most of them.

About Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council is the local authority serving the heart of London. The City of Westminster stretches from Pimlico and Victoria in the south through the West End, Marylebone and Bayswater to Paddington and Queen's Park in the north-west. It includes the capital's principal areas of government, shopping, entertainment and tourism and the headquarters of innumerable commercial and professional organisations together with extensive residential areas of all types.


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