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A Guide to Measuring Impact

Authored by Claire Warner on behalf of Media Trust

Claire Warner is a coach who works with charities to improve their Communications & Fundraising. In this resource produced for the Media Trust, she gives her advice
and suggestions on how charities of all sizes can approach measuring their impact.

Whilst parks and green spaces not all charities per see, we can learn a lot from how and why the Charity Sector places so much emphasis on measuring impact. 

This resource asks some fundamental questions such as: Why measure impact?  Who are you measuring for? What should you measure?

Without measuring impact - How do you and your stakeholders (Head of Department, Politicians, Funders, Volunteers) know you’re bringing about the change you want to effect?


The Media Trust is a charity that works in partnership with the media and creative industry to give charities, non-profits and general '4th sector' organisations as well as marginalised groups and young people a stronger voice.

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Author: Media Trust (UK)

Estimated Read Time: 15 minute read