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Alternatives to Herbicides - A guide for the Amenity Sector

The vast majority of pesticides used in the amenity sector are herbicides. Of those the majority are based on the active substance glyphosate which accounts for approximately 77% of all herbicide use in the sector.

In this briefing PAN showcase the alternatives that are currently available and demonstrate that adopting such approaches can assist considerably in switching away from the habitual use of herbicides, or at the very least dramatically reducing their use, including some interesting results from an example cost analysis:

*Cost per linear metre

Hand Weeding by contractor


Hot water treatment by contractor


Glyphosate treatment by contractor


Foamstream factoring in costs of diesel, foam, in-house application, van and water. Excluding initial cost of equipment


*Results of Glastonbury Council's cost analysis of weed control options

Pesticide Action Network UK

Who are Pesticide Action Network UK?
PAN UK is the only UK charity focused solely on tackling the problems caused by pesticides and promoting safe and sustainable alternatives.

They campaign for change in policy and practice in the UK and overseas, contributing their wealth of scientific and technical expertise to reducing the impact of harmful pesticides and pushing for a pesticide-free future.

Find out more about their work at:

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Author: Pesticide Action Network UK

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