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Evaluation under the microscope

Evaluation under the microscope: For strategies and actions favourable to nature in the city


Effectiveness of strategies and public policies, choice and costs of development, steering and management of teams, monitoring of biodiversity... communities and nature professionals in cities have always been concerned with the evaluation and measurement of their actions. More and more publicized, key figures and indicators of all kinds on nature in the city are multiplying.


This collection of articles proposes to question evaluation from a high level, to develop strategies and actions that are truly favourable to plants and biodiversity. Based on the results of studies by Plante & Cité and supplemented by testimonials from researchers and practitioners, it is interested in both methods, scales and tools of evaluation.

This document is an extract of the French publication N°5 - 2019: Deploying ecological management: concepts and practices for more nature in the city ( .

About Plante & Cité

Specializing in green spaces and landscaping, Plante & Cité is a French national body for studies and experimentation. This technical centre ensures the transfer of scientific knowledge to professionals in green spaces, businesses and local authorities.

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Author: Plante & Cité (France)

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