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Unlimited Outdoors XL

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Nature for everyone!

A trip into nature should be possible for everyone! But where can people with a disability or their companions find information about outings in nature? And how can parks and green spaces communicate about their inclusive offer?

Together with organizations for people with disabilities and park managers, GoodPlanet Belgium looked for accessible ways to improve accessibility in parks. We visited parks, talked, questioned participants and came up with some tools.

How did we proceed?

  1. We visited more than 15 domains or parks all over Flanders with a local group of people with disabilities. We experienced the green spaces and looked at the strengths and opportunities.
  2. In consultation with organizations for people with disabilities and the parks or green spaces, we created a range of tools together.

With whom?

We worked closely with local organizations for people with disabilities, parks and green areas, umbrella organizations around leisure for people with disabilities and general leisure platforms.

Results – tools

  • A guide to inviting a group of people with disabilities to your park and collecting feedback. Methods and tools are provided for both adults and children;
  • Tips for communicating your park's inclusive offer to people with a disability;
  • An inspiration bundle with ideas about inclusive park infrastructure;
  • A flyer and poster that you can use to communicate about the project.

Click on the "Access Resource" button for the main guidance, or follow the link below for the full range of tools.

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Duration of the project

Unlimited Outdoors XL was completed at the end of 2022.

With the support of VISITFLANDERS, the Flemish Community Commission and Cera.

About GoodPlanet Belgium:

GoodPlanet Belgium inspires young and old to realize a sustainable society. A healthy planet, where everyone can live well, today and tomorrow. A Good Planet.

Through our projects, campaigns and workshops, we spread knowledge and plant seeds for change. We make the ideas behind sustainable development concrete, feasible and attractive. Always with a positive outlook and a hopeful approach.

GoodPlanet Belgium operate the Green Flag Award programme in Belgium, as well as Blue, Flag Award, Green Key, Young Reporters for the Environment and Eco-Schools


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Author: GoodPlanet Belgium

Date first published: 01 December 2022

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