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Make Space for Girls - the research background 2023

Make Space for Girls exists to campaign for parks and public spaces which are designed with teenage girls in mind.

Currently provision for young people consists almost entirely of facilities such as skate parks, MUGA (aka fenced pitches) and BMX tracks. These are seen as meeting the needs of all young people when in fact they are places dominated by boys. Girls feel that parks are unsafe, and offer nothing for them, yet these issues are seldom acknowledged, never mind addressed. But girls have a right to play and to be provided with facilities which respond to their needs as well as those of teenage boys, and which can be used in a much more equitable fashion.

Make Space for Girls have rewritten their report on what research and data can tell us about teenage girls and parks: how much do they use them, or not; what impact does this have on their health, wellbeing and human rights, and how people can do things better.

About Make Space for Girls:

Make Space for Girls campaigns for parks, public spaces and the facilities within them to be designed for girls and young women - not just boys and young men.

They raise awareness of the issue, as well as using research and campaigning to ensure that the voices of girls and young women are heard in the planning process.



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Author: Make Space for Girls (UK)

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