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What makes a park feel safe or unsafe?

What makes a park feel safe or unsafe?

The views of women, girls and professionals in West Yorkshire

The threat of harassment and violence restricts and inconveniences the everyday lives of women and girls, curtailing their freedom to use, enjoy and benefit from public spaces. This underscores the importance of listening to women and girls’ views and lived experiences in designing safer and more welcoming public spaces.

This research report by University of Leeds in collaboration with west Yorkshire Combined Authority aimed to better understand what women and girls perceive makes parks feel safe and unsafe, and why. It sought professionals’ views too, providing a comparison. The research was conducted across West Yorkshire, in 2022, with 67 women aged 19-84 years, 50 girls and young women aged 13-18 years and 27 professionals from parks and urban design services in local government and police.

Funded by:
the UK Government Home Office (Safer Streets Fund)


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About West Yorkshire Combined Authority:

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Author: University of Leeds (UK)

Date first published: 01 December 2022

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