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Historic Evergreen Cemetery - Master Plan

A master plan provides a vision and a framework for decision making over a set period of years. For cultural landscapes such as Historic Evergreen Cemetery, the plan focuses on how to balance the needs of historic and natural resources with modern day requirements and regulations.

Each master plan is unique with an emphasis on balancing the desires of stakeholders with the needs of the site. A successful master plan is a living document that is used daily and updated every five to ten years. This master plan is the first of its kind for Historic Evergreen Cemetery and will serve as precedent for future planning efforts for the city’s historic cemeteries.

About Historic Evergreen Cemetery:

Since its founding in 1891 by leaders of Richmond’s African American community, Historic Evergreen Cemetery has served as a powerful monument to black achievement, community life, and family bonds.

Evergreen is the resting place for thousands of individuals who faced segregation, discrimination, and racial violence while contributing in important ways to the city’s—and the nation’s—vibrant social, political, intellectual, and religious life. Among those who rest here are such luminaries as Maggie L. Walker, John Mitchell, Jr., Dr. Sarah Garland Boyd Jones, and Rev. J. Andrew Bowler.

More than 10,000 lesser-known Richmond heroes are buried throughout Evergreen’s 60 acres. We invite you to make history with us by becoming involved and helping to honor those resting in this long-neglected national treasure!

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About Enrichmond Foundation:

Enrichmond Foundation's mission is to serve the people, parks, and public space of the City of Richmond. Since 1990, we have enacted our mission by supporting The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities through citizen involvement, education, and fundraising.

The most prevailing of these services is acting as an umbrella non-profit organization for over one hundred volunteer groups and special initiatives, or ‘Friends of’ groups.

Our partners include community and civic associations, outdoor enthusiasts, garden and history groups, and other citizen-based groups whose primary interest is to maintain, restore, preserve, or improve Richmond’s public recreational resources.

By affiliating with the Foundation and becoming an official partner, these committed individuals may apply for grants and solicit tax-deductible contributions. In addition, they can lean on us for organizational leadership, resources and networking. The purpose is and has always been to provide a means for citizens to give back to their communities.

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Author: The Enrichmond Foundation (USA)