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The little book of eco-system services in the city

Authored by: Jon Sadler, Nick Grayson, James Hale, Martin Locret-Collet, Daniel Hunt, Chris Bouch and Chris Rogers

This book tells you about the findings of research into the provision of ecosystem services in cities undertaken as part of the Liveable Cities project. It is based on a systematic review of the academic literature, conversations with researchers, interviews with people engaged with greenspaces in cities (as part of a linked PhD programme by one of us – Martin Locret-Collet), a comparative examination of green infrastructure and ecosystem services in three case studies cities (Birmingham, Lancaster and Southampton), a workshop about the future of parks with citizens of Birmingham in 2016 and on-going strategic policy initiatives in the City of Birmingham aimed at making Natural Capital (NC) a pivotal part of a framework for integrating ecological services into policy delivery.


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