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Benefits of having a Management Plan

Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve is a hillside overlooking the River Avon in Bristol, Somerset, that has been quarried and mined in the past.

The Hill contains a fascinating mix of history, wild plants and animals. With heather and broom, rocky crags and gullies, stunning views and two listed chimneys, Troopers Hill is one of the most spectacular wildlife spots in Bristol.

The Friends of Troopers Hill was formed by a group of local residents in 2003 - they provide a friendly community focus for anyone who cares about Troopers Hill.

Intrinsic to their success has been the formation of a Management Plan that determines how the site is to be maintained currently and improved in future.

In this Case Study - Parks Community UK interviewed the Friends of Troopers Hill to ask how their Management Plan has helped them achieve lasting success.

Also check out Parks Community's guide titled "Management Plans – how are they helpful?" available here: 


About Parks Community UK

Parks Community UK supports Friends' groups across the country to feel better equipped and more confident in their active involvement with their local park.

The UK's green spaces need active Friends' Groups! This is a new space created by and for such groups to share experiences, info and ideas to become more confident and effective.

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About Friends of Troopers Hill

Friends of Troopers Hill was formed by a group of local residents in 2003. They aim to:

• Provide a friendly community focus for people who care about Troopers Hill.
• Carry out practical conservation work to help look after Troopers Hill.
• Organise public events such as walks and talks.
• Work with Bristol Parks to make sure Troopers Hill is well looked after.

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Author: Parks Community & Friends of Troopers Hill, Bristol (UK)

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