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Example Volunteering Strategy

The Royal Parks is the charity that cares for 5,000 acres of magnificent parkland, rare habitats and historic buildings and monuments across London. Our eight Royal Parks are among the most visited attractions in the UK with over 77 million visitors each year. At the heart of what we do are hundreds of generous volunteers, working with us and partners to steward these national treasures. Their contribution within nature, heritage, wellbeing and learning programmes across the Parks is invaluable.

This strategy’s focus is about how people volunteer directly with The Royal Parks charity.

Volunteering in The Royal Parks (TRP) has grown organically over the years to meet the needs of particular parks, projects and teams. This has led to a great range of roles and activities and although the volunteer experience has been very good, it has not always been consistent across the organisation.

We wanted to examine the potential to support, improve and grow volunteering across these precious green spaces. This strategy sets out how we plan to place volunteering at the heart of the new charity, develop further volunteering opportunities, work more closely with our partner organisations and really look after our volunteers.


About the Royal Parks

Millions of Londoners and tourists visit the eight Royal Parks for free each year. The 5,000 acres of historic parkland provide unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment, exploration and healthy living in the heart of the capital. A simple walk or a picnic in the park, sport, top quality entertainment, community and education projects - all waiting for you.

The Royal Parks manages these spaces and almost everything in them. We conserve the parks to ensure future generations can enjoy them too.

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