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Principles of Public Engagement

This resource produced by the Forestry Commission in 2011 provides guidance about:

  • Core values for public engagement
  • Key design principles involved in planning public engagement
  • Differences between public involvement in decision making or service delivery.

The Forestry Commission also provides a number of resources as part of their Public Engagement in Forestry toolbox.

The toolbox provides information on a wide variety of public involvement tools. All the tools have their particular strengths and weaknesses. Some are good ways of providing information to people; others are better ways of consulting with people; while others are better for allowing people directly to participate in making a decision. The most important thing to remember when selecting methods is that different tools will be best suited to different engagement objectives, different activities, and the different kinds of people and stakeholders you wish to include.

To view the toolbox visit: 

About the Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission increases the value of woodlands to society and the environment in the UK. The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands.

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Author: Forestry Commission (UK)

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