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Fair shared green and recreational spaces


Green and recreational spaces play a crucial role in people’s lives as a place for physical activity, social interactions, and recreation. There are significant health and well-being benefits for communities with access to parks and recreational areas for exercise and relaxation.

Neighbourhoods that incorporate green spaces attract people to live in them. This is recognized in the planning strategy documents and national planning guidelines around the developed world that prioritize access to high-quality open spaces.

The Fair Shared Green and Recreational Spaces: Guidelines for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Design recommends development features and design specifications for Tbilisi's green space provision. They also identify priorities for improvements and for ensuring that limited resources are targeted at areas of most need. This document will contribute to the sustainable development of Tbilisi city.

The guidelines are an essential tool to guide decisions that will give Tbilisi new life while protecting its valuable heritage, and creating a culture of high standards in development and conservation that preserves the green landscape for successive generations.

Andria Basilaia
Deputy Mayor
Tbilisi City Hall


Cover image by Francis Manio.

Author: Tbilisi Municipality, Georgia

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Author: Tbilisi Municipality (Georgia)

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