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Measuring park quality for youth

The purpose of this report is to better understand how public parks can meet the developmental, physical, and mental wellbeing needs of adolescents, in other words: what ‘quality’ parks look like for youth 13-19. It focuses on a number of factors including how 'quality' is interpreted by different genders.

Deliverables include a summary of contemporary research on adolescent needs and the characteristics that encourage park visitation, as well as an evaluative tool that can be altered or updated in the future to measure relative park quality for youth users and guide capital investment. A Vancouver case study is used to illustrate the applicability of the tool in planning for this population.

About Jelena Kocmaruk:

Jelena is a PLanning Analyst at Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

A Langara Applied Planning Program Major Project:

Langara College:



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Author: Jelena Kocmaruk (Canada)

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