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Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: Working with nature to transition our urban environments


Cities are at the heart of issues related to climate change.

The multiplication of extreme events and environmental, health and social risks makes nature-based solutions no-regrets strategies. But how to lead this transition to a green and resilient city?

Based on the expertise acquired by Plante & Cité and the testimonies of scientists and practitioners, this collection of articles presents a state of knowledge and suggests action levers to consider, today and together, solutions for adaptation for the long term.

It outlines the paths for the transition to more sustainable urban fabric models and provides the keys to articulate the three components of a successful transition and adaptation to climate change with nature in the city:

  • Understanding
  • Anticipating, and
  • Organizing.

This document is an extract of the French publication N°4 - 2018: "Deploying ecological management: concepts and practices for more nature in the city" (

About Plante & Cité

Specializing in green spaces and landscaping, Plante & Cité is a French national body for studies and experimentation. This technical centre ensures the transfer of scientific knowledge to professionals in green spaces, businesses and local authorities.

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Author: Plante & Cité (France)

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