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KESY - Guide to Sustainable Landscape Construction

The KESY framework provides guidelines how to achieve sustainable development in the green sector. The purpose of KESY is to design, build and maintain the environment in such a way as to avoid, reduce, compensate or prevent the negative effects of construction.

KESY is based on international guidelines and quality models, in particular the assessment and certification system Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES), which was developed in the United States. In addition to SITES, the project has utilised European Green City, Green Flag and Green Label guidelines, as well as other relevant literature and material. In Finland, the KESY framework has been developed to apply to the entire operating process of the green sector: managing, designing, constructing and maintaining green areas, as well as materials and products. 

The key aspect for making KESY more common is that the project client personally commits to, and further commits all parties of the process, to the defined KESY objectives. 

This resource consists of an introductory flyer to the concept. More information is available from VYL here:

And the full KESY Guidance in Finnish is available here:

Should you need to translate the guidance to another language, Green Flag Award regularly uses: 

About VYL:

The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries is the main organization dealing with urban and rural landscape management in Finland. The goal of the organisation is to develope and promote different areas in the green industry.

The organization offers expertese in the fields of landscape design, construction and maintenance, plant production and the trade within the field. It was founded in 1991 and is divided into 10 suborganizations all dealing with different specialised areas of landscape management.

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Author: Viherympäristöliitto ry (Finland)

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