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Implementing Eco-Management

Implementing Eco-Management: Concepts and practice for more nature in the city


At a time when nature in the city and biodiversity are part of the concerns of citizens, ecological management is essential as an essential strategy. A subject explored by professionals for many years, it is also at the heart of the expertise of Plante & Cité, which conducts studies and experiments to consolidate and update scientific and technical knowledge.

To accelerate this dynamic, this collection of articles takes stock of the concepts and practices for deploying ecological management throughout the city. Its content comes from the latest Plante & Cité programs and from external contributions from researchers and professionals.

This document is an extract of the french publication N°6 - 2020: Deploying ecological management: concepts and practices for more nature in the city (

About Plante & Cité

Specializing in green spaces and landscaping, Plante & Cité is a French national body for studies and experimentation. This technical centre ensures the transfer of scientific knowledge to professionals in green spaces, businesses and local authorities.

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Author: Plante & Cité (France)

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