Kilbarry Nature Park

The Nature Park in Kilbarry is set out across approximately 50 acres and it is under the jurisdiction of Waterford City & County Council. A former municipal landfill site has been re-mediated to create the Nature Park in Kilbarry. Waterford Council has been entrusted to do this in a sustainable and socially inclusive manner which seeks to protect and enhance biodiversity within the City bounds.
The objective of Kilbarry Nature Park is to focus on attracting a diverse range of plants and wildlife, creating a unique environment in close proximity to the city whilst also providing a recreational area for the variety of communities the park hosts.
Kilbarry Nature Park opened to the public in June 2012 where it allows children to experience healthy, stimulating, and engaging play while allowing them the opportunity to learn about their cultural heritage through engagement with interpretive signage.

Park Facilities

Fitness Equipment
Free parking
Nature Reserve
Nature Walks
Picnic Area
Public Transport Links
Walking Routes
Wildflower Area
Green Flag
Award Winner
Managing Organisation
Waterford City & County Council
Eoin Dullea
051 849729